• The Industries Golden Standard CRB Machines

    me5 3756 me5 3767 pro35-45    

  • Tandem Version available for ALL CRB Machines

    me5 3782 copy me5 3776 copy me5 3779 copy me5 3780 copy


  • Ultra Low Moisture

    Dry Carpet Cleaning systems

    New CRB Models

    Several Models to choose from!

    Find Replacement Parts

    Replacement parts for all models!


    Industry standard for counter rotating brush machines.
    Interchangable brushes, stainless steel construction, a machine
    built to withstand the rigors and abuse of constant use!

  • nKapper - 1 Product - 3 Jobs
    • Spot Remover
    • Encapsulation
    • Prespray for NatraDri Compound

    "NKapper is a low moisture liquid carpet cleaner that utilizes the latest
    encapsulation chemistry to emulsify and surround dirt for easy removal"


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  • natraDri Compound

    100% Natural

    • No Soap, No Water, No Shampoo!
    • No Drying Time
    • No Wet or sticky residues
    • Protects from resoiling

    Dry carpet cleaning compound that dissolves and soaks up soil. Made of biodegradable all natural
    ingredients, can be used alone as an instantly dry maintenece solution or combined with
    nKapper for a low moisture deep cleaning application.

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CRB Machines


Add a new CRB Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning System to your arsenal!
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natriDri Compound

img natradri bucket

Works like a natural, soft sponge! Dissolves and soaks up Soil.
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Add nKapper for a guarenteed clean that will stand out.
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Carpet Cleaner America

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Carpet Cleaner America is a US based manufacturer of environmentally friendly, dry and ultra low moisture carpet cleaning systems for commercial use. Our system includes counter-rotating brush machines of assorted sizes, an extraction compound, and specialty cleaning products that have been specifically formulated to enable the end user to clean commercial carpet or hard surfaces with one simple machine.

Contact Us

Carpet Cleaner America LLC

Direct Phone: 864.576.9887
Mailling Address: 
PO Box 5721 Spartanburg, SC 29304
Physical Address:
951 Simuel Rd Spartanburg SC, 29301
Fax: 1.888.349.6774
mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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