Carpet Cleaner America

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Carpet Cleaner America is a US based manufacturer of environmentally friendly, dry and ultra low moisture carpet cleaning systems for commercial use. Our system includes counter-rotating brush machines of assorted sizes, an extraction compound, and specialty cleaning products that have been specifically formulated to enable the end user to clean commercial carpet or hard surfaces with one simple machine.


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Spot remover


Apply the nKapper undiluted to a clean tissue. Moisten the stain with the tissue. Dab the dissolved stain away with a clean part of the towel. DO NOT RUB!


Mix 10 ounces of nKapper concentrate to 1 gallon of water and then brush nto the carpet pile with the driStar carpet cleaning machine. As the carpet is brushed, the loosened soil will be coated & encapsulated. The encapsulated soil particles are held in suspension within the crystalized cleaning agent until they are recovered - leaving a clean, fresh, new-looking carpet.

Prespray for natraDri compound


Mix 5 ounces of nKapper concentrate to 1 gallon of water. Spray onto the soiled areas and stains. Use enough product to moisten the carpet, but do not soak it. Then sprinkle the natraDri compound onto the carpet and brush in with driStar machine. The nKapper loosens the soil which is then trapped in the natraDri compound.
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natraDri compound

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100% natural

triple filtered > no residues

biodegradable ingredients

98% organic and natural

balanced blend > safe to use

encapsulation booster for medium to
heavily soiled areas

ideal for traffic lane & partial cleaning

no soap, no water, no shampoo

fast & complete removal from carpet

no drying time > immediate carpet use

leaves a clean, hygienic carpet and a fresh,
pleasant scent

20+ years of experience

pdflogo Download the natraDri Folder (PDF File)