Renovator Technology

 For carpets & hard floors
The Patented Renovator attachments are two stainless steel bins that attach to the front and rear of the machine to catch dirty compound lifted from the carpet. These bins effectively eliminate the need for a vacuum on most of the carpets that you will clean, assuming our compound is used during the cleaning process.


Remove dry soil (carpets & hard floors)

80% of the dry, loose soil will be removed prior to the actual cleaning.

losen Schmutz entfernen


Brush / scrub / clean

Take off renovator attachments, attach dust cover and start cleaning.

Carpets: brush in and out the cleaning compound
Hard floors: scrub the floor with the FCP 1 solution

Teppichpulver einb├╝rsten


Remove dirt ladden compound or dirty water

Take off dust cover and attach renovator attachments.
Brush carpet or hard floor and collect the compound or dirty water.

Teppichpulver aufnehmen