For carpets & hard floors
The Patented Renovator attachments are two stainless steel bins that attach to the front and rear of the machine to catch dirty compound lifted from the carpet. These bins effectively eliminate the need for a vacuum on most of the carpets that you will clean, assuming our compound is used during the cleaning process.


Remove dry soil (carpets & hard floors)

80% of the dry, loose soil will be removed prior to the actual cleaning.

losen Schmutz entfernen


Brush / scrub / clean

Take off renovator attachments, attach dust cover and start cleaning.

Carpets: brush in and out the cleaning compound
Hard floors: scrub the floor with the FCP 1 solution

Teppichpulver einbürsten


Remove dirt ladden compound or dirty water

Take off dust cover and attach renovator attachments.
Brush carpet or hard floor and collect the compound or dirty water.

Teppichpulver aufnehmen


Carpet Cleaner America is the manufacturer of the world’s best, dry and low moisture carpet cleaning systems.  Our flagship component is the original “Austrian Made” counter rotating brush machine (CRB) that has become the gold standard of CRBs.  These machines have redefined existing procedures within the carpet cleaning industry over the last twenty five years.  Our original “Renovator” catch tray concept further innovated an already well developed machine to set the bar even higher.  Along with machines, we manufacture encapsulation solutions as well as one of the world’s best dry carpet cleaning compounds.
Endorsed and approved by major carpet manufacturers, our system is listed on the Carpet & Rug Institute’s (CRI) list of approved deep clean systems.  Our dry carpet cleaning compound is included on the US Department of Agriculture’s Bio-Preferred list and is lab certified to be 99.9% organic.  We are Woolsafe approved and our products are private labeled by some of the cleaning industries largest cleaning entities.
Our goal is to create the most environmentally friendly, efficient and easy to use carpet cleaning system the industry has seen thus far.  Our years of actual field experience ensure our customers that they are dealing with people with real world cleaning knowledge.   Based in South Carolina, we ship anywhere in North America.  We can also accommodate worldwide shipping with our sister company, Carpet Cleaner Austria.



35 front 35 brushes 35 side ren

14" Counter-Rotating Brush Machine for carpet and hard surface cleaning!



Technical Data

check mark 23x20 02 Made in Austria

check mark 23x20 02 Exteremly Low Maintenance

check mark 23x20 02 Stainless Steel Body

check mark 23x20 02 Legendary Durability

check mark 23x20 02 Minimal Training Required

check mark 23x20 02 User Serviceable

check mark 23x20 02 Low Noise Level

check mark 23x20 02 Original Renovator Catch Tray Concept

check mark 23x20 02  Lab Certified Splash Resistant IP54 Specifications

Brush Cleaning Width:   




Brush Rotation:  





35 lbs.







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