Intensive Carpet Cleaning

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Dry Soil Removal
Use the machine with the Renovators attached.

Brush the carpet surface in all directions (without using any chemicals).

This will pick up the dry soil and open the pile. Pre-cleaning is specially recommended in case of heavily soiled carpets.

It helps to reduce the amount of cleaning chemicals needed and will improve the cleaning result.

Carpet pre-spraying
Use the diluted nKapper and spray onto the soiled areas and stains.

Use enough product to moisten the carpet, but do not soak it.

Spray a little more on heavily soiled areas and stains, spray less on other areas.

Do not spray more than 150 – 200 sqft prior to applying the compound.

The carpet has to remain moist for a good cleaning result!!

Apply the dry compound
Sprinkle the (evenly humid !) compound onto the pre-sprayed (and still moist) carpet.

As an average, use approx. one handful of compound for 10 sqft.

Use a little more on heavily soiled areas, use less on other areas. No compound needed on clean parts of the carpet.

Do not cover more than 150 – 200 sqft prior to brushing! The compound has to remain humid for a good cleaning result !!

Brush-in the dry compound
Use the machine with the right choice of brushes.

Take off the Renovators and attach the dust covers.

Take the machine off the trolley, put onto the carpet and start brushing – ideally in a zigzag pattern covering the complete carpet surface.

Brush repeatedly on heavily soiled areas and stains, brush less time on other areas.

Collect the saturated compound
Take off the dust covers and attach the Renovators.

Start collecting the saturated compound immediately after the brushing-in or any time later.

Empty the Renovator boxes once full.

For cleaning corners and other badly accessible places you may need the help of a vacuum cleaner.


Tandem Machines

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Connect TWO Machines for Double Cleaning Width


Take Two Machines of the same Type (PRO35, PRO45, TM4, TM5)

Remove each Handle and place the Machines next to each other facing the same Direction.

Attach the Tandem Bar on both Machines and mount one Handle on Top. Plug the Power Cord of one Machine into the Outlet of the second Machine.
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Carpet Cleaner America

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Carpet Cleaner America is a US based manufacturer of environmentally friendly, dry and ultra low moisture carpet cleaning systems for commercial use. Our system includes counter-rotating brush machines of assorted sizes, an extraction compound, and specialty cleaning products that have been specifically formulated to enable the end user to clean commercial carpet or hard surfaces with one simple machine.