Tandem Machines

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Connect TWO Machines together for Double Cleaning Width

me5 3782 copy

 Take Two Machines of the same Type

(PRO35, PRO45, TM4, TM5)

me5 3776 copy Remove each Handle and place the Machines next to each other facing the same Direction
me5 3778 copy  Attach the Tandem Bar on both Machines and mount one Handle on Top
me5 3780 copy Take the Power Cord of the left Machine and Plug it into the Additional Power Outlet of the right Machine which is mounted on the Motorcover. The Power Cord of the Right Machine goes to Your Extension Cord and you are ready to go.



Carpet Cleaner America

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Carpet Cleaner America is a US based manufacturer of environmentally friendly, dry and ultra low moisture carpet cleaning systems for commercial use. Our system includes counter-rotating brush machines of assorted sizes, an extraction compound, and specialty cleaning products that have been specifically formulated to enable the end user to clean commercial carpet or hard surfaces with one simple machine.